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We Service all of Phoenix Metro Area and most Cities of AZ
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February 28, 2020

Appliance Repair in Phoenix

How does Appliance Repair Bros could repair or fix your appliance

Household appliances play a critical role in our day to day life. We are undoubtedly dependent on various home appliances such as ranges, dishwashers, refrigerators, microwaves, washers and dryers, just to mention a few.

Just imagine, if any of them were to “call in sick” the day of a major family gathering you are hosting. Can you imagine getting ready to put several dishes on the stove and a few things into the oven just to discover that your stove is “dead”, and you only have a few hours until a bunch of hungry relatives are about to descend on your house? Can’t you feel the hairs standing up all over your body in realization that “… this is the END …”.

Upon waking up and getting dressed you casually go downstairs but notice something strange. It is kind of quiet in the kitchen. You are not greeted by the typical rumblings of your favorite double-sided fingerprint-resistant refrigerator with a sliding freezer. You become suspicious and cautiously approach” the beast”. Your hand grasps the finely crafted high-quality stainless-steel handle. Typically, you would have to put some effort into “breaking” the suction seal of the rubber gasket, but today the door flies open effortlessly just as you get hit in the face with the terrible smell of rotting food. Your eyes quadruple in size as you helplessly gaze at your spill-proof shelves that are filled to the brim with an unidentifiable liquid mixture unknown to the science. Your cheese drawer now resembles a twisted science experiment. Who knew that mold comes in such vivid colors, and is fuzzy to boot (CDC.GOV, May 2017)?

You reach out and pull open your meat drawer. WOW! It almost appears that your beef and chicken have been twirling around in some sort of a scary folk dance. The drawer now looks like a scene of an underground secret society ritual where you are initiated into the brotherhood by mixing your blood with another member’s blood. You are lost for words, but the curiosity makes you open other compartments. Next on the hit list is your climate and moisture-controlled vegetable drawer (Kitchn, Oct 2012). On the surface your bag with cucumbers looks good. You let out a sigh of relief as you could taste your toasted bagel with cream cheese that is topped with a finely sliced Persian cucumber. You open that bag and grab a cucumber only to slowly get your fingers sinking into the slimy mess that was barely held together by the cucumber’s skin. You scream in disgust and runt to wash your hand in the sink. Your mind races with the pictures of carnage taking place in the freezer. You try to calm yourself down, but you must open the door. You pull the freezer drawer towards you and only one thought races through you head – “… this is not my lucky day …”. In the words of a car insurance adjuster – your freezer is a “total loss” (Consumer Reports, Aug 2014). You pull the garbage bag next to you and start tossing the contents of your fridge and the freezer into the “mass grave” of the black, bottomless garbage bag, gagging from the stench.

While it can be easy to forget how much work our appliances do for us (Greg Satel, 2014) Why robots will never take over ), it becomes clear very quickly when they break down. From piles of dishes to work through to melting ice and hundreds of dollars in spoiled food, appliance problems can bring an onslaught of issues and unpleasant emotions.

I am sure you have heard this saying before. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. I bet your family doctor has told you this and advised you on a preventive health care visits for you and your family. Think of us as the doctors for your stove or a microwave. Our technicians resemble an Inspector Gadget. They come to your house equipped with a variety of tools from a tiny watch-repair screwdriver to a big hammer. We have all the necessary tools and we are not afraid to use them. We know ins and outs of your appliances. We have been there done that many times every single day. We know the tricks to removing small electric relays and large gas burners, we know where to add insulation to increase efficiency and where to remove certain shields that were poorly designed and actually create problems instead of preventing them. Our technicians are still boys at heart. As we know, boys like toys, so being in the field every day allows them to “play with toys” and that is what they truly love to do. When it comes to examining your “sick” appliances, we are going to give them a head to toe assessment. We are going to look at all systems to make sure the function properly. Certain components fail because other systems are not properly functioning making certain part do more. If we just replace the part, over certain time it will fail again, unless we address the root cause of the problem (Eric Kleinert, 2013). To have that level of understanding takes time and experience. That is why you will never find a brand-new technician in your kitchen or a laundry room. We strive to be the best and only hire the best in the industry.

Yes, we will take care of them should they break down, but we also want to do an Appliance Health Check Up, to make sure they stay Healthy.

Dale D.
Dale D.
03:53 09 Mar 20
Edward and the team at Appliance Repair Bros have put "service" and "taking care of the customer" as a top priority. We have used them a number of times...
Joe H.
Joe H.
21:59 05 Mar 20
Edward and the team at Appliance Repair Bros have put "service" and "taking care of the customer" as a top priority. We have used them a number of times...
Mark J.
Mark J.
13:37 05 Mar 20
Edward and the team at Appliance Repair Bros have put "service" and "taking care of the customer" as a top priority. We have used them a number of times...
Lora S.
Lora S.
13:54 15 Feb 20
Very fast response! Caring and respectful! Excellent communication and great service! I will defintely call them again. Basically this company was perfect...
Phillip L.
Phillip L.
15:53 28 Oct 19
Excellent Service Quick service and honest diagnostics fair price and quick response all types of appliance call now for quick service in the Chandler area
Ethan H.
Ethan H.
14:38 09 Sep 19
I called the number on the Sunday afternoon before Labor day and Edward answers immediately. I had only expected to leave a message but he was ready to help...
Emily T.
Emily T.
17:56 17 Aug 19
Thank you guys you did an amazing job fixing my giant fridge, it works perfectly fine now, you saved my life. Technician came on time and worked quickly...
Alya G.
Alya G.
11:12 16 Aug 19
I cannot emphasize enough how happy I am to have found this company. My refrigerator had a problem with ice maker. The thing basically broke off and caused...

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Household Appliance Services You Can Trust

When it comes to finding an appliance repair company you can Trust in your home, we meet all the qualifications. We only employ highly qualified staff we Trust to take care of any repairs at our own mother’s house. There is a funny story that is told in appliance repair circles to demonstrate the value of experience. So, a technician comes in to fix an appliance. The owner is right next to him vigilantly looking at how the guy is going to fix it. He gets a screwdriver, takes out a bunch of screws from the back, takes the back cover off and gets a hold of a huge hammer. He swings that hammer and delivers the hardest and loudest blow. The owners’ eyes almost jump out of the sockets. The tech calmly puts the back panel back, puts in all the screws, plugs the appliance in, hits the on button and it starts like it was never broken. The tech says to the owner “… That will be $100.00 …” The owner is stunned and just says, well you just hit it with a hammer, that’s all you did. They tech replies, “…That’s right. It is $20 for hitting it with the hammer and $80 for knowing where to hit it …”.

We are just like that technician – we know where to “hit” your “sick” appliance!


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